You know the person that always wrecks things for everybody? Well, that was me. At least when it comes to scents. Scent-free offices, please don't wear perfume to my house, people don't always understand. Someone would ask to hold my baby and giggle when they gave them back saying "now you're baby smells like me, hehehe" and I'd want to punch them and have to give my baby another bath. Anything artificial gives me a headache. Sometimes it's so bad it's migraine city. Parfum, fragrance, even natural scents can put me over the edge. I can smell everything! I started to dread going to the grocery store, the cleaning aisle is so bad and it spreads so far. Going for a walk and smelling people's "clean" laundry in the dryer would give me a headache. I started looking into these things more and more. It couldn't just be me, could it? Turn out it's not just me. We live in a polluted world and some people are more sensitive than others. All those things that smell good to others, like new car smell and dryer sheets, are full of things that are not very good for you. Read this. I needed a way to make things, like armpits, smell good without making me sick.

Aromatherapy does way more than make things smell pretty but it does an amazing job making things smell pretty. Aromatherapy can elevate moods, good ones and bad ones, reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up healing, induce sleep, reduce pain, increase circulation, and strengthen the immune system. According to aromatherapy is the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.    

I have an International Certificate of Aromatherapy from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and went to the 8th international aromatherapy conference in San Francisco November 6-8, 2015. I'm so excited to be able to share with you all the information that I learned while there. It was exciting for me to hear some of the aromatherapy greats speak over the weekend like Robert Tisserand, Kurt Schnaubelt and Pierre Franchomme, yup I just name dropped! I've taken my knowledge and poured it into a new product line that I'm excited to share with you.  

I have been using Susan’s “lady bits” blend. When I started, I was chapped and cracking from front to back and I had tried every product on the market. After 2 days, I was beginning to be comfortable down there and now 2 weeks later I am completely healed and have no issues at all there.

I also suggested that my husband use the product on his toenails, as he seemed to have a fungus or something. After 2 applications, he was sold on the product and made me get more!! His toenails are clearing up and they are not causing him pain anymore! (Susan says - I made her husband his own formula for his toes, it’s working wonderfully and he no longer smells like his wife’s lady bits!)

Susan is so knowledgable and approachable, you can ask her anything. I have not only found great classes and great products that I will continue to use for life, but I have found a dear friend as well!!
— Maegan T
I haven’t changed anything but started using The Lady Garden and my libido has sky-rocketed.
— Satisfied Customer For Life
Don’t think The Lady Garden is just for your “yoni”. It has a wonderful floral scent that makes the best perfume for all your parts!
— Leanne
Tallow Balm has become essential for living in Calgary. Not greasy and still moisturized the next day. Awesome stuff!
— Toccoa C
My 7 year-old son had sandpaper for skin. After his bath we covered him in the Tallow Balm. He was baby soft until his next bath 5 days later. My body chemistry seems to have changed since having kids and I’m finding my body odor more offensive than in the past. Store bought deodorant didn’t work at all anymore. The Hills and Valleys formula keeps me fresh for the whole day.
— Susan M

The Lady Garden:  Have you ever sat down to use the toilet and wondered what that intoxicating aroma was?  Did you think it could possibly be you?  Well, now you can and will!  Apply the Lady Garden serum freely to a clean yoni and experience a new definition of bliss.  $40/1 oz pump bottle or $70/2 oz pump bottle

The Gent's Jungle:  Does your Gent have a beard? A little stubble? Or does he keep it smooth? The Gent's Jungle is a blend of jojoba, whiskey and essential oils to keep the Gent's Jungle (or lack there of) soft, nourished and smelling oh so yummy. Who doesn't love getting lost in a jungle?  $40/1 oz pump bottle or $70/2 oz pump bottle

Hills and Valleys:  This blend keeps the valleys (armpits) smelling sweet while the hills (breasts) are massaged and moisturized. $20/10 ml roller bottle, $40/1 oz pump bottle or $70/2 oz pump bottle

The Lady Garden and Hills and Valleys could both be used while doing the Female Deer Exercise, funny name great massage. 

Tallow Balm:  100% grassfed Trail's End Beef tallow, organic olive oil and a personalized blend of essential oils.  Need I say more?  $20/2 oz jar or $40/4 oz jar

Yoga mat/Counter Spray:  Uplifting spray to wipe your mats or counters with.  An exhilarating mix of mints and herbs.  $20/8 oz

Aromatherapy classes are also available. Do you have a collection of essential oils at home and are unsure what to use them for? Send me a note and I'll set up a class personalized for you!