Do you need coffee, sugar, or other pick me ups just to get through the day? Are you feeling like you need a reset? I am a Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach and I'm here to help you!

Everyone has a new diet, a detox, a cleanse, a new scheme to take your money, a new way of life that's the best way ever. Do you really want to give me 21 days of your life to feel like you're suffering and feel like nothing has changed at the end of the 21 days? No! Nobody wants that. I want you to change, and grow, and spend more time with your friends and family and get back in the kitchen enjoying cooking. What is the 21 Day Sugar Detox? Not a detox in the traditional sense this program teaches you about real food, how to obsess over sugar less and enjoy how food is supposed to taste. Who doesn't want to learn new recipes, learn stress management tips, maybe meet some new friends and get a little healthier? can be really, really hard! At least at first.

Also the education in this program is phenomenal. Do you know why to choose which fats? What about meat? Do you know what the optimal omega 3:omega 6 fatty acid ratio should be? Do you know why I always tell people to get to know their farmer? Does any of this interest you?

Do you need a 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach? No, you don’t need a coach. But if you're at all like me the support and accountability will help keep you on track to meeting your goals. And guess what? The classes are fun and geared to you. If the 21 Day Sugar Detox interests you and you don't want a coach you can find out more information here. (Full disclosure, that's an affiliate link and I'll get a small fee if you purchase thru the link, doesn't affect your price at all but just so you know.)

What you'll get with me as your coach:  4 fun and educational meetings, new food to try at the meetings, tracking tools, private facebook community, the guidebook and cookbook, and live support as needed throughout the 21 days.

Let's meet our goals together! Coaching 1-on-1 or groups.

Susan is extremely knowledgeable and a very generous facilitator/deliverer of valuable health changing information.
— Melissa S
My family adopted so many delicious recipes through the 21DSD. Susan would make all these awesome little samplers, and my kids would gobble them up. I never thought they would drink jun, kefir or kombucha but they love it all, and I couldn’t keep up with their consumption for a while.
— Milena W
I was a lot less tired during the detox than I am usually and my skin cleared up.
— Carter (age 12)
It was great. It made us skinny.
— Mya (age 9)
The 21dsd was just what I needed! I lost 10 lbs and my acne cleared right up. I have not had a problem with acne since! Not only that, but my 5 month old baby was struggling with constipation and being exclusively breastfed, she began pooping daily and has not had a problem since!! This was a year ago!! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Susan is both friendly and knowledgeable and makes you feel at home immediately!!
— Meagan T